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Dan Maitland
Dan Maitland

Montreal, 🇨🇦Canada

Senior UI/UX/XR Designer @ CAE Healthcare

interaction design, mobile design, ui, ux

  1. CAEAir1 Ventilator released actual product user inteface ventilator
  2. Virgin Mobile released actual product dan maitland iphone telephone mobile ios telecommunications virgin mobile
  3. My Bell App released actual product usage iphone ios bell telecommunication native mobile ui mobile
  4. Product Identity application logo icon dan maitland
  5. UI Guy 2.0 ui animation ui guy
  6. Loading Animation ui indeterminate loader animation loading
  7. ecobee Concept userinterface concept eco remote weather dan maitland thermostat home automation software dark ios ui neumorphism ecobee
  8. You Are Here pin location
  9. You Are Here pin location
  10. You Are Here pin location
  11. You Are Here pin location
  12. Close Encounter astronaut moon cutaway
  13. Titanic Mistake iceberg ocean boat titanic cutout
  14. Getaway cutaway outdoor mountains
  15. Contained mountains waterfall scenery hot air balloon
  16. Emblem Light vanilla forums emblem
  17. Vanilla Forums Emblem vanilla forums emblem
  18. The Babadook babadook the
  19. Lake Louise lake louise vanilla vanillaforums brandscape
  20. Vanilla Forums Video Game Theme concept forum dark theme video game vanilla forums
  21. Vanilla Line Icon Set vanilla line icons
  22. Addon Icons vanilla addons icons
  23. Nautical Disaster tragically hip nautical disaster
  24. Ahead By A Century ahead by a century canada the tragically hip
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